Traditional Marketing


  • Declining Circulation / Readership.
  • Rising rates.
  • Typically higher income.
  • Homeowners.

Direct Mail

  • Ability to target prospects geographically, by income and demographics.
  • Longer lead time for production.
  • High cost per home.

Outdoor / Transit

  • Large Reach.
  • Limited Availability.
  • High Production Costs for Smaller Buys.


  • Low Production Costs.
  • Typically Small Reach.
  • Ability to Target.
  • Clutter. Music stations group ads in 3 breaks per hour. Music stations have high listener turnover.
  • News stations short time spent listening.
  • Sports / Talk stations offer to target with exclusive programming.

TV / Broadcast

  • High Reach.
  • Intrusive Message.
  • Persuasive (Majority of Political Ad Dollars are spent on television).
  • Ability to target by program.
  • “Show-me" medium. Sight, Sound, Motion & Emotion build image, reputation, over-all brand message.
  • Increases online search results.

Cable or Broadcast TV?

  • Determine this by where your customers come from.
  • Are 80% of your customers within 10 miles of your store?
  • Are you wasting money with broadcast TV due to large coverage area and cost?
  • Does Cable not reach enough of your customers?

Offsite Events

  • Create an offsite event, enabling you to sell your furniture in markets that don't compete with your showrooms.
  • Custom landing page and URL:
  • Vertical media plan including digital, social, and broadcast.
  • Can result in more sales over a limited time than many stores do in one month.
  • Also consider displaying in Boat Shows, RV Shows as a sponsor.
  • Or create an event in your store's parking lot.