Social Media

Social Media

  • Social Media Channels are essential for business.
  • Builds your customer base, providing interesting, entertaining information, gaining customer engagement.
  • Social media advertising is targeted by age, sex, HH income, location and more.
  • Increases web traffic, resulting in increased foot traffic to your stores.
  • Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn. Link your accounts.

Facebook / Instagram Targeting

  • Reaches your audience on the world’s largest social networks.
  • Delivers ads across all devices. They can visit your website on their PC and be retargeted on their phone.
  • Target in-market shoppers and your previous website visitors.

Social Media Requires Expertise & Consistency

  • Post consistently, keeping your audience engaged.
  • Timing is important. There are hours that are the best to post.
  • Postings should have the same visual standards, tone and voice. Branding consistency.
  • Pertinent, informative, engaging content is essential.
  • Use hashtags, sharing and tagging correctly. Have a budget and strategy.